Author - Ant Pruitt

Apple Live Photos: Big Whoop? [video]

Live Photos is a new feature with Apple's iPhone 6s and iOS 9. Gimmick or auto-awesome? Ant Pruitt and the Smartphone Photographers Community discuss...

Google I/O 2015: The Aftermath

After Google I/O 2015 its clear that the new Android M movement is geared toward developers now, and consumers in the long run. Ant Pruitt reports.

Google I/O 2015: Recap

Google I/O wrapped up in San Francisco. Android M was announced along with its details. Ant Pruitt recaps the updates and event.

MWC 2015: Pre-Show Madness!

Mobile World Congress starts on March 2, 2015. Ant Pruitt discusses the pre-MWC madness leading up to the conference.

Android TV: The Multimedia Boost!

Android TV is set to unify your multimedia experience across your mobile devices and your home television -- read Android TV and Google Cast. Ant...

Microsoft Build 2014: What To Expect

Microsoft Build 2014 is here. What does Microsoft have up its sleeve for consumers and developers? Ant Pruitt's analysis gives us a view into what to...

HTC Trolls Samsung Galaxy S5

Getting the Galaxy S5? HTC says you'll be sorry you did. Ant Pruitt follows the social media spat between the two companies.

Our Cyber Monday Favorites

Cyber Monday is here! Found any good deals on the Interwebs? Ant Pruitt and the staff at aNewDomain share some of their favorite finds so far today.