Apple WWDC 2013, PRISM, Facebook Hashtags: Yet Another Tech Show

PRISM, Apple WWDC 2013 announcements of Apple iOS 7, OS X Maverick, actionable Facebook Hashtags and PRISM are on top of the news on this week’s YATS. It’s Yet Another Tech Show and the gang’s all here. — On this week’s episode of Yet Another Tech Show (YATs) we talk about some of the goings on at Apple WWDC 2013.

Execs on stage in San Francisco made the latest version of Apple iOS available to developers — consumers will see it this fall, they said — and showed a new Intel Haswell chip-based Macbook Air. Thanks to that chip, execs claim amazing battery life. Up to 12 hours of usage on your laptop.

Of course, we’re also taking about the leaked but once-top-secret NSA PRISM data surveillance project — and the functional hashtags Facebook is coming out with.

It’s Yet Another Tech Show — that’s YATs — with our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman and Larry Press. This week our Chris Miller and Richard Hay join, too, in addition to Patrick Jordan of iPad Insight.

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