SnapSeed for Google+ Photo Editing: Ant Pruitt Reviews

Our Ant Pruitt reviews Snapseed for Google + … and he puts the photo editor through its paces. It’s a light photo editor with muscle. Here’s why. — I’ve been a fan of Snapseed photo-editing software on my mobile device for quite some time. And now, thanks to Google’s acquisition of Nik Software, it’s a tool I’m using on Google+. Here’s my review.

googlepluseditorAll image credits: Ant Pruitt

Normally, when I want to edit my smartphone photos, I open the Snapseed  app for Android. That app offers plenty of options for making the photograph stand out. It makes photo editing easy — truly.

My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a decent-enough-sized screen to allow me enough real estate for photo editing and seeing details. If I need more detail than the Nexus screen will stand, I just download the image to my computer and use other editors like Shotwell or Pixlr.

I know there are options such as Photoshop and GIMP, but the alternatives are better fits for quick, easy editing so far as I’m concerned.

The Snapseed option in Google+ is one of these alternatives, so I gave it a shot.

My first attempt at this photo-editing tool by Google was a breeze. It’s still the Snapseed I’m familiar with. The interface is still simple and intuitive.

I grabbed a photo from my library to submit to my Smartphone Photographers Community and gave it all a whirl. I needed a clever selfie photograph so I captured a shot of my cannon – a.k.a. my bicep. This simple HDR image is okay, but I wanted to give it a better look for votes.


Using the editor I was able to access tools for not only adjusting color saturation, brightness and white balance, but I could also crop, adjust the tilt and even touch up small areas of the photograph. I think my finished product turned out quite nicely.

Note: All watermarking done post-processing outside of Google+.


If you’re a beginner at photo editing, try out the editor in Google+. The UI will make it easy for you to produce great processed photos. So grab a photo and see what you come up with. Feel free to share your pics with me over on Google+ by tagging me and adding me to your circles.

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