Big Android BBQ 2015: Day One

big android bbq 2015
Written by Ant Pruitt

The Big Android BBQ 2015 kicks off. Here’s what went down on day one …

aNewDomain — It’s not the Microsoft Build Conference. It’s not WWDC. And it’s not Google I/O, not even close.

And you know what? It’s still all good.

Today is the start of Big Android BBQ 2015 in Hurst, Texas. Here are some highlights of what went down on day one.


Keynote: Performance is key

KiddoEMR‘s Joseph Cohen and Google Developers‘ Peter Lubber and Colt McAlnis did the keynote. Each touched on different aspects of performance in today’s apps and operating systems. The main focus, of course, was the Android ecosystem.

The overarching question was what can be done to aid in better app performance which in turn will lead to a better user experience. Education? Yep. Better tools? For sure. Google Developers and General Assembly aim to bridge the gap, they said, between the demand for Android developers and aspiring Android developer students looking for employment. They also discussed the Android Performance Patterns toolkit, which will help developers get a better understanding of the errors leading to poor app performance, they said. That makes sense. You can really enhance your app’s performance when you have  a solid understanding of your root-cause analysis.

Here’s a quick video wrap up from today’s keynote. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+ for more of my news and views around the Big Android BBQ.

For aNewDomain, I’m Ant Pruitt.