Implied Motion, Noise Reduction: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

How do you capture implied motion with your smartphone camera? Our Ant Pruitt and the Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ discuss these tips and more this week on Point and Shoot. — It’s another entertaining and informative week for the Google+ Smartphone Photographers Community, hosted by our Ant Pruitt. This week’s panel decided to take a look at implied motion photography and noise reduction, among other Point and Shoot tips. Joining Ant this week are Robert Knight, Mike Sweeney, Michael Portis and Michael King.

We discussed a great deal in the video, but the community’s weekly challenge was capturing implied motion. This is a tricky task to master, but the community managed to show off its smartphone photography skills as usual. Check out this week’s winning shot from Mike Sweeney, taken with his iPhone 4s. The level of processing power this phone has is truly amazing to be able to capture such a stellar shot. Sweeney also shared a great noise-reduction app for iOS called Noiseware.


Image credit: Mike Sweeney

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