Prosumers Win with Major Adobe Creative Cloud Update

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Written by Ant Pruitt

Adobe Creative Cloud is updated for 2015. Ant Pruitt looks at the pricing and features of the new cloud software suite for aNewDomain.

aNewDomain — The Adobe Creative Cloud software suite firmly planted its flag in the land of multimedia content creation. When Adobe Creative Cloud came along, consumers were afforded the tools and software to be creative with photography, videography, and other multimedia arts with the click of a mouse. All this is achieved with seamless automatic updates of the latest version of the software under the subscription model.

A Big Update.

Adobe updated most of its software portfolio, which includes Photoshop for photo editing, Premiere Pro for video, Audition for audio, After Effects for awesome animations, and Media Encoder for, well, encoding media. Lightroom was updated in April as a standalone application, though support for new camera images is being rolled out for the release.

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Content creators using the previous versions of Creative Cloud knew that robust computing systems were required to run the software well. In short, you needed a beefy CPU and at least eight gigabytes of memory for an efficient workflow. But Adobe went through the code and optimized these programs to run much more efficiently. It’s still recommended to have fairly robust hardware, but you won’t have to worry about extended rendering times while working on your project.

Cloud syncing was one of the biggest features of Adobe Creative Cloud from day one. Being able to sync your project files in the cloud meant you could work on your projects at any time in any location, as long as you had access to a system with Creative Cloud and an Internet connection. Now, Adobe enables you to take the syncing platform from PC to laptop and to mobile. Yes, mobile.

Creative Cloud mobile apps are available and will continue to update in capability and ease of use. The prototype iPad version of Photoshop is absolutely beautiful and highly capable!

New to Creative Cloud is Adobe Stock, a library of 40 million stock images available for use with your projects. These stock images can be imported into your workflow and processed to your liking. You’re then allowed to license the processed image for your own use. All with just a few mouse clicks.

Updates in Cost? Not Really.

Pricing for Creative Cloud is still great. Several options are available for different use cases and professional levels. This is great for the Prosumer who enjoys creating multimedia content, but isn’t spending the work day on a production set. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month.

I look forward to diving into the new software. My Smartphone Photographers Community and I thoroughly enjoy working with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Now Adobe is giving us more power and flexibility. Having Adobe’s suite available on tablets and mobile phones is a great idea. We all know that the most-often used camera is the mobile phone. Now that mobile phone can be partnered up with the Creative Cloud, which allows for on-the-go photo processing at the professional level. Not just,brightness and contrast, but also denoising and luminance controls.

Consumers and Prosumers rejoice! Check out Adobe’s video below, which highlights the new Creative Cloud for 2015.

Video: Adobe Creative Cloud Update

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