Reflection Shots, Grain versus Noise: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

Here’s how to take the best reflection shots with your smartphone, plus how to deal with noise and film grain. It’s Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt, syndicated here at Congratulations to Kyle Munz for the week’s beautiful reflection shot, featured here. –This week our Ant Pruitt focuses not only on how to take great reflection shots, but community members Deborah Walmer-BasembeRobert KnightMichael King and Michael Portis talk about smartphone photo tricks, film grain and noise.

Nature shots are gorgeous — and shots of nature are natural subjects for smartphone pics, too. Reflection shots are tricky, though. Capturing reflections in lakes or oceans is a real challenge. That’s one topic for this week’s Point and Shoot, the weekly podcast hosted by Ant and the Smartphone Photographers Community. Ant asked the community members to be as creative as possible with reflection photography — and he got some amazing results.

Film grain and noise are also discussed this week. Film grain is often related to pixels. Noise in a picture could be caused by light, reflections, or even rain falling that might distort a picture. Watch the video at the bottom for a full discussion on these topics.

And enjoy Point and Shoot right here on every week. For, It’s Ant Pruitt.

The beautiful pic of Moraine Lake below is from Kyle Munz.


Image credit Kyle Munz