Facebook Like Update, Twitter IPO, Call of Duty Inks One Billion: Yet Another Tech Show

Big numbers from Twitter IPO, Facebook’s new look for the “Like” button and Call of Duty cashes in again. These are some of the top stories on this week’s Yet Another Tech Show with Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt and Larry Press.

aNewDomain.net — Check out this week’s episode of YATS. It’s Yet Another Tech Show with our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt and Larry Press. The guys had a blast taking a look at the more-interesting tech discussions of the week. Each week, the crew works hard to bring you tech discussions that are informative yet entertaining.

Facebook has decided to rebrand the infamous “Like” button. The discussion by Mat and the guys is quite funny. Also, Activision continues to rake in the dough with more than $1 billion in sales with its Call of Duty: Ghosts video game. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”. Tim Berners-Lee is fed up with all of the privacy and surveillance issues of our World Wide Web. Berners-Lee speaks out.

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