Android App Ports To BlackBerry, CBS Streaming: Yet Another Tech Show

BlackBerry will stay alive by getting developers to port popular Android games to BlackBerry App World, but is the SDK any easier to deal with. And CBS is reportedly launching its own streaming content play — similar to Netflix’s House of Cards model. It’s Yet Another Tech Show featuring this week staffers Mat Lee, Chris Miller, Ant Pruitt, Larry Press and Mike Rothman with guests … putting it all in perspective. — The BlackBerry Z10 is a fine device, but it means nothing if there are no captivating apps for it. BlackBerry is doubling down on boosting its App World ecosystem and getting some popular Android apps ported over. Developers tell us the previous BlackBerry SDK was a difficult environment to develop in. We discuss on how this has changed with the new package.

This week on Yet Another Tech Show, we discuss this news plus the latest tech news coming down the pike, including upcoming news on CBS streaming, similar to the Netflix House of Cards play. This week our panel includes’s Mat Lee<, Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman, Larry Press and Chris Miller — plus guests Anthony Farrior, and Kathy Brown.

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