Yet Another Tech Show: NSA Politics, Privacy and Bitcoin

Bitcoin value is up. Online privacy continues is way down. It’s Yet Another Tech Show with Mat Lee and team. Montana state rep Daniel Zolnikov guests. — Our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman and Larry Press are joined by Montana state representative Daniel Zolnikov to talk online privacy here at Yet Another Tech Show.

The Interwebs continue to get flooded with stories around Internet privacy or lack thereof. The panel joined up for yet another YATS podcast to discuss still more findings around the NSA PRISM scandal. Also discussed — whistleblower Edward Snowden and other tech stories. Our guest this week was Montana state rep Daniel Zolnikov.

Zolnikov told us he is an advocate for online privacy and said he thinks citizens should hold the  government accountable for its actions. When it comes to your phone calls, Facebook postings or emails, there’s not much one can consider private.

Also on this week’s show, have you noticed the value of Bitcoin is rising? This online currency continues to draw attention. We’ve noticed more online merchants accepting Bitcoin as payment. Have you?

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