Amazon Kindle Fire Refresh, Google Hashtags: Yet Another Tech Show

More Amazon Kindle Fires announced. Google now indexing hashtags on Google+. Gamers rejoice over the forthcoming Steam OS. It’s Yet Another Tech Show here on aNewDomain. — Amazon just announced its latest Kindle Fire tablet refresh. Does the new Kindle device excite you? Does it excite us? They’re touting some pretty amazing hardware. And at a great price point, too.

Google has implemented hashtags into its search indexing. Ant has yet to see the Google hashtag update on his profile. Have you?

Popular online gaming platform Steam is now set to release a Linux-based operating system. Pretty radical.

That is just a small taste of the varied and fascinating stories discussed this week by our team of technology evangelists here on aNewDomain. It’s YATS, Yet Another Tech Show. Mat Lee is joined by Ant Pruitt, Larry Press and Attack of the Android’s Nick Carroll. Mark Rhoades joins the show as a guest this week.

Take a listen to this week’s Yet Another Tech Show here on aNewDomain!

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