Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Columbus, Ohio (photo contest open to readers)

Candle light photo from Columbus, Ohio. It’s Where Are You Now with Ant Pruitt. Take a look at this week’s submission from aNewDomain reader, Robert Knight.

It’s time for Where Are You Now here on This photo challenge is open to readers to show off just how well smartphone cameras can perform. This week we have our first repeat challenge winner. Loyal reader Robert Knight snapped this beauty at his home in Columbus, Ohio.


Image credit: Robert Knight

Knight took this with his new (and beloved) Samsung Galaxy Note 2. No edits or filters were used on this shot. Really? None? Wow! Recognize it? This is a photo of a candle found in most living rooms or dining areas in homes. Here are a few interesting details I noticed in this photo. Knight snapped this photo with the camera up close to the candle. The reason being that the zoom on smartphone cameras can degrade the quality of pictures if not used properly. Since the camera is so tight on the subject, it has the illusion of the photo being shot in the dark. It wasn’t.

Knight explained the trick to me in a recent episode of our video hangout Point and Shoot. By placing the camera close enough to the candle, the flame provided enough light and coupled with reflection from the label on the back of the candle, totally blacked out the surrounding area of the shot. Well done, Robert!

Keep those photo submissions coming. Just email me at This is your chance to be a published photographer on the web with your trusty smartphone. Be sure to include the smartphone used, your location and any apps used for filtering or edits if any. Also be sure to check out my Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+. It’s a great community where you can pick up great tips, tricks and photos for enhancing your smartphone photography experience.

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