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There are plenty of opportunities to capture great reflection photography. Ant Pruitt shares video of some great reflection photos from his Smartphone Photographers Community — Today’s video features reflection photography techniques and conversation discussed by the Smartphone Photographers Community. Take a moment to watch, and then go out and find some reflective beauty. And, if you have a great reflection pic you’d like to share, drop me a line with a link to your photo. Be sure to click the Like and Subscribe buttons on the video!

Video: Ant Pruitt for aNewDomain

In day-to-day life we don’t always pay attention to the reflections around us, unless it’s selfie time of course. On most days, we pass by countless objects that are part of a reflective scene, and if we do notice them they seem completely normal. But something beautiful is happening.

Here’s a photograph from my daily walk. It’s just a geese-filled lake, but on this particular day I took a moment to soak up the view. The still water created a beautiful mirror image of the tree line — a gorgeous, nature-inspired reflection.

Reflection Photography Ant Pruitt Smartphone Photographers Community

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