Apple iPhone Rumor Roundup, HP and BlackBerry Struggles: YATS

Are you ready for the new iPhone? It’ll be here before you know it — in September. Here’s the YATs rumor round up. Yet Another Tech Show — hosted by our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Larry Press … terrific show this week. — The rumor mill is running rampant with talk of multiple iPhones for a planned Apple early-September announcement — it will likely even include a thumbprint scanner.

Meanwhile, HP and BlackBerry continue to struggle. Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman forecasts poor sales in 2014 and BlackBerry continues to struggle to catch up in the mobile market.

It’s Yet Another Tech Show — YATs — with our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt and Larry Press.

This week, Nick Carroll from Attack of the Androids also joins the panel to discuss informative and entertaining tech stories. So much happened this week in the tech world, YATS rehashes these stories and give it an entertaining twist. As usual, Ant scoffs at any news from the world of Facebook. Also, Mat attempts to throw BlackBerry a bone by discussing them.

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