Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Broadway Theater, New York City

Check out the latest smartphone photography submission on aNewDomain with Ant Pruitt. This week’s winner is Enzo Martinez, with a Google Nexus shot. in NYC. — It’s the latest entry in Ant Pruitt’s long-running Where Are You Now contest for smartphone photographers.

Here’s how it works — you send me the best smartphone photo — undoctored — and if you win, we’ll post it. And you’ll be a published photographer. Another way to get in on the fun is to join me on my show, Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt, which features my Google+ Smartphone Photographers Community. We have a weekly challenge and an overall blast. That’s where the latest winner came from — I enjoy giving members the opportunity to share where they are by posting their favorite and most-creative snapshots. Enzo Martinez snapped this beautiful shot in New York City with the camera on his Google Nexus. It’s the famous Broadway Theater. Details on what he used to take the shot below the fold.

All of life’s a stage …


Image credit: Enzo Martinez

Martinez was working and pulled out his Nexus 4 to grab this interesting behind-the-scenes look at Stage D of the world-famous Broadway Theater. I enjoy the depth of this shot. It’s lit just enough to show where you are but still dark enough to make you curious about some of the other silhouettes in the frame. Well done, Enzo! Congratulations.

If you have a smartphone photograph you’d like to share for my Where Are You Now series here on aNewDomain, drop me a line via email with a link to your photo. Be sure to include the smartphone used, where you are and also settings or apps used to create your masterpiece. I look forward to seeing your submissions. Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcomed below!

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