Where Are You Now? Neath, Wales (Smartphone Photo of the Week)

This week’s smartphone photo feature is from Martin Chainey. Where are you now? Chainey is in Wales, where he took this gorgeous shot with his iPhone5 …

aNewDomain.net — Check out this great bit of smartphone photography from Martin Chainey. Chainey is a member of the Smartphone Photographers Community I host on Google+. Martin is one of the community’s most-active photographers with his trusty Apple iPhone 5. This is the beautiful St. Illtyd’s church in Neath, Wales.


MChainey010314 (26)

Image credit: Martin Chainey

Chainey takes great shots and shares them each week. Chainey says that his editor of choice is Pixler Express. If he edits his pics at all.

I’ve mentioned Pixler Express as a great free photo editor. Chainey’s photography definitely shows off his prowess with this beautiful Wales shot.

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