Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt: Subjective Smartphone Photography (video)

To edit or not to edit. Is editing your photos after shooting cheating? Or is it all subjective? Ant Pruitt mulls the question.

aNewDomain.net — You take a nice stroll through the park and notice the beautiful sunset over the pond. You pull out your smartphone to capture the beauty. The shot is simple, easy — it looks pretty good on your phone, but you think it could look better. What do you do? Do you open it up for editing when you’re back at the house? Maybe upload it to the computer and edit with Snapseed or GIMP — extra pop and enhancements never hurt.

Well, some people like to argue that editing photography like that is not truly photography. This week the Smartphone Photographers Community discusses the subjective aspect of photography and art. Is using photo editors cheating — or should there even be a rule? How subjective is the art we create, especially as technology advances?

Check out the highlight photography and discussion with Ant Pruitt, Michael King, Mike Sweeney and Robert Knight. Is smartphone photography all about being pure, or is it a subjective art form to you? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

For aNewDomain.net, here’s the syndication of Point and Shoot from our Ant Pruitt.

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