Apple iOS 7 Launch, Verizon Wireless Says No: Yet Another Tech Show

Have you gotten your hands on iOS7? Do you have a Nexus 7 LTE tablet running on the Verizon Wireless mobile network? These are two of the topic discussed this week on Yet Another Tech Show.

aNewDomain  — This is the big week for iOS consumers around the world. Apple iOS 7 launched to much hype and a healthy amount of mixed feedback from its users.

The panel on Yet Another Tech Show (YATS)Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Larry Press and Chris Miller–all share their thoughts on iOS 7. Miller, in particular, has some interesting and hilarious thoughts on the new OS.

On This Week In GoogleJeff Jarvis gives Verizon Wireless a piece of his mind and brings his issue up to the FCC. The reason? Jarvis found out from ol’ Big Red that his new Nexus 7 LTE tablet wouldn’t work on Verizon’s mobile network. Was this just a ploy to get Jarvis to buy a tablet on a subsidy contract? Tune in for the details.


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