Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Ingress Fever, Motorola X: Attack of the Androids

Our Mat Lee, Eric Finkenbiner, Shane Brady and Ant Pruitt host Attack of the Androids and talk Samsung Galaxy Note, Ingress, Motorola X and more .. geek out to the latest episode of this cult favorite podcast.

It’s another great episode of Attack of the Androids.  This week producer Mat Lee is joined by our Eric Finkenbiner, Shane Brady and Ant Pruitt to talk about the latest hot topics in the world of Android.  The release of the original Galaxy Note brought trepidation to consumers due to the large size of the device. Now there’s the talk of the Galaxy Note 8. Sounds like the phablet has caught on, right? Well …

Smartphones, tablets, app picks and more are all discussed this week on Attack of the Androids. And then there’s Ingress fever.
Attack of the Androids