HTC Trolls Samsung Galaxy S5

Getting the Galaxy S5? HTC says you’ll be sorry you did. Ant Pruitt follows the social media spat between the two companies. — Mobile World Congress can be as exciting if not more so than International CES. Why? Because consumers tend to get a sneak peek at items they care more about — mobile devices! The news from MWC 2014 was headlined by the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The latest flagship phone of Samsung (un)packs more megapixels, screen size and other nerdy specs as expected.


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But even with that said, HTC steps in with a “not so fast, my friend” moment. HTC’s Twitter feed has been quite interesting and hilarious as it jabs at Samsung and the new S5. Why? Not sure, but I’d like to think it’s HTC’s way of saying “mine is better than yours.” We’ve all heard the story of technology aging within a month of release. HTC is playing that card as it looks to announce its next big phone in roughly a month via its Twitter feed. Coincidence?


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Oh but it didn’t stop there. An hour later, this message was tweeted.


I have to admit that’s pretty funny. Ideally the trolling is the Samsung camp against the Apple empire. Never did I even suspect HTC to throw jabs at anyone. The company hasn’t been widely successfully in grabbing its share of the smartphone market and appears to be pulling out all stops to rebound from slumping handset sales.

Is this a sign that a new One is coming from HTC? Considering the hash tag mentioned in the tweet, I’d say yes. What do you feel about this play over social media from HTC? Marketing genius? Childish, classless or is it survival of the fittest? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Are you a fan of HTC devices? I’ve always enjoyed the hardware offerings but wasn’t the biggest fan of Sense UI on top of Android.

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