Stylin’ Sasha Laptop Bag Hits the Mark

jill-e design sasha 13" laptop bag featured
Written by Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt reviews the Sasha 13 laptop bag by Jill-E Design for aNewDomain. Nice price and quality design.

aNewDomain — I’ve recently toyed with the idea of adding a laptop bag or briefcase to my commuter life. I was looking for an option that would be big enough, durable enough and light enough to take everywhere, while still looking good. I currently carry a backpack for my gear and laptop, but I’ve been curious about a more streamlined option. As of yet, I haven’t found anything to my liking.

Funny thing, though — I just received a laptop bag from Jill-E Designs as a review unit. Nice timing, right?

jill-e design sasha 13" laptop bag

Sasha 13 Laptop Bag

Yes, that’s it: the Sasha 13 laptop bag. Thanks to Jill-E Designs for sending it to me — it’s a women’s laptop bag that looks rather interesting. Yes, I said “women’s” laptop bag. And no, I’m not a woman.

I took a look at this bag and found it to be sleek and well-designed. The overall construction is solid, and the leather smells good, which is always nice. Unfortunately, reviewing this product like I have reviewed past products seemed impossible — after all, I am not the target demographic. So, I decided to recruit a woman for the review.

jill-e design sasha 13" laptop bag 2

Basically, the Sasha 13 is meant for 13-inch or smaller laptops and mobile devices. It includes plenty of pockets, which allow ample storage for items beyond the trusty laptop. It’s no secret that women tend to carry a lot of items, and the Sasha 13 can handle this without a problem.

jill-e design sasha 13" laptop bag 3

Not only did my female reviewer (my wife) find the bag functional, but said it was quite stylish. It was just the right size and looked good on the shoulder. I was even told this bag could serve as a pocket-book.

Oh sorry, I mean “purse.” “Pocket-book” is a term used in the South. The bag looked so good, and was functional enough for everything a woman might normally carry, that you don’t even have to put a laptop inside to make it functional.

The only caveat from a purse perspective is the overhand flap used to close the bag — a simpler zipper or button top would be preferred by my reviewer.

All in all, the Sasha 13 earned passing scores in our review. The size is just right, the style fits into women’s fashion and its functionality has the essentials covered. The bag retails for $169.99 on the Jill-E Designs website. I would recommend giving this leather bag a look if you need a laptop carrying case, or if you just want an all-purpose purse.

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  • It looks quite stylish to me. Nice color as well. Love all the compartments and the inner zipper would be a great place to put all the little things that love to drop to the bottom of a huge purse or backpack – not just make-up and keys – my clip-ons and other accessories for the camera for my smartphone. The bag would fit my tablets and all their accessories as well. This looks, to me, to be a great all-in-one for a woman. I do like the flap over the top. It’d work great to keep all my stuff inside mainly due to being tired of zipping each zipper and clipping each clip on each and every compartment in a large purse. Flip it down and off you go! ;)