Google I/O 2014: Wearables, Android L, Chromecast, No Google+

Google covers a lot of product announcements, but leaves out one product all together. Here’s a quick wrap up of Google IO. – Google just held its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2014. Android and Google fans alike waited patiently (and with much speculation) to hear about the next hot innovations for Google’s line-up. The biggest talk prior to I/O was that Android would be integrated into wearable technology. Wearables were definitely up for discussion, but a few more items were also announced from Sundar Pachai and Google.

Google I/O 2014

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Android Wear

Google launched Android Wear earlier this year, touting conceptual watch devices integrated with GoogleNow. The promo video was well done and gave a clear look at how Android could be worn on our wrists, falling in step with our day-to-day life. The question at hand, though, is what hardware will the OEMs use for this new interface? LG and Samsung are offering nice looking devices, but the most wanted piece is from Motorola’s Moto 360, set to be out later this year.

Android L

Speaking of Android, the user experience will definitely see some improvements. Why? More and more API’s and the development of the Android L platform. This is Google’s way of unifying the Android experience regardless of device type. Mobile devices, wearables and even automotive are going to share the same user experience. Google has added another “layer” to the Android interface. The UI is cleaner and will have more beautiful animations as well as depth. Performance is set to improve with the before mentioned APIs, which includes job schedulers.

Google I/O 2014 JobScheduler

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The Android L interface looking as clean as possible:

Google I/O 2014 Android L

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Chromecast and Chrome

The Chromecast and Chrome will benefit even more with the next iteration of Android. The Chromecast will have more and more apps available for use as expected. The Chrome browser will offer interaction with your Android device as well as improved notifications in the browser (on Chromebooks). One new option: running Google Maps on your Android device and pushing it to your television for viewing. Awesome!


So, what happened with Google+? The social arm of the tech giant wasn’t mentioned. This doesn’t bode well — it can further fuel the fire of pundits calling Google+ a graveyard. Not to mention, there’s no more of Vic Gundotra embodying the social cheerleader.

Google I/O 2014 showed there are plenty of good things to come for consumers. Less expensive quality mobile phones, unified software and better tools for developers. Consumers may be even happier with Android and potentially grow the 30-day active user count to greater than one billion. Stay tune for more from Google and more from me here on aNewDomain with Google I/O 2014 commentary.

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