A World of LEGO: Smartphone Photos Capture Pint-sized Worlds

LEGO takes front and center stage in the smartphone photo world. Congrats to the Google+ photographers featured here. +Stephen Dainty and +Timothy McCusker — you’re published.

aNewDomain.net — Most of my social connections are slam packed with like-minded geeky and nerdy comrades. Our idea of a fun conversation revolves around CPUs, frame-per-second debates and operating system wars. We also play a lot of Ingress. And of late, my Smartphone Photographers Community began showing off some geeky fun via the world of LEGO. The LEGO movie, of course, opened this weekend.


Image credit: Timothy McCusker

The candid shots of geek-toy goodness come from Smartphone Photographers Community members Timothy McCusker and Stephen Dainty. The two photographers differ in the cameras they use. McCusker uses the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Dainty uses his iPhone 4S. But they both capture great scenes with the linking blocks of LEGO.


Image credit: Stephen Dainty

Not only do you have different techniques and focal points for each photograph, but you have fine details to consider with each shot, too. The setup, the lighting and the bright LEGO colors all allow for incredible pint-sized shots of life as captured above. Check out the gallery for more shots from Dainty and McCusker. If you’re curious about spectacular smartphone photography, request an invite to the Smartphone Photographers Community I host on Google+.

We’d love to see you there.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Ant Pruitt.

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