Microsoft Build 2014: What To Expect

Microsoft Build 2014 is here. What does Microsoft have up its sleeve for consumers and developers? Ant Pruitt’s analysis gives us a view into what to expect. — Sure it’s April Fool’s Day, and we are all laughing at the latest Google April 1st prank, but the folks at Microsoft are gearing up to host developers (developers, developers, developers). Okay, maybe that was a bad pun. In short, Wednesday is the start of the Microsoft Build 2014 conference. Is this a waste of time, or does Microsoft have something up its sleeve to entice developers to build more apps for the Microsoft ecosystem? Stronger apps can equal a stronger foothold in mobile.



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I root unabashedly for Microsoft in the mobile space. Why? Because it’s good for us, the consumer, to have legitimate choices. There’s a reason Android and Apple iOS are doing well. Actually, several reasons. Pricing, reliability, build quality and, of course, apps push the two ecosystems ahead of the others. The Windows Phone operating system isn’t terrible, but it just hasn’t taken off as successfully as its competitors. Remember the praise from Mr. Steve Wozniak regarding Windows Phone? I was skeptical when I read his comments, but when I held a device I was immediately pleased, and surprised, by the quality.

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Then the Lumia 1020 came about with the absolutely-sick camera installed. The camera itself should sell the phone. But millions of people passed on it because of the lack of apps. You know it, but if you can’t have your daily doses of Threes or QuizUp, your mobile device is pretty useless. Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but you know what I mean.

The latest big news from Microsoft is the announcement of new CEO Satya Nadella and also the launch of Office for iPad. Nadella has been characterized as a forward thinker and is presumed to be the leader who will move Microsoft to areas other than enterprise software and console gaming. Having Office on the iPad can prove to be big for Microsoft. There are so many other tablets being used today across business of all sizes. Most want businesses want, and need, some capability to, at least, read an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. The really-ambitious users want to edit these documents on their iPads on the go.

Kudos to Microsoft for targeting that demographic.

With that said, what can we expect from the Build 2014 this week? This is the first build with Nokia on board. The Nokia partnership can prove to be a tremendous win for Microsoft from a hardware standpoint, but how does software fit here? What tool kits is Microsoft offering to entice developers to build more apps for Windows Phone or Windows in general? Yes, apps are needed for Windows with the move to Windows 8.1. Is wearable technology on Microsoft’s radar? What about home automation?

What do you think Microsoft will bring to the table at Build 2014? I don’t expect to see amazing innovation from Microsoft. I’m looking for more along the lines of “Here’s our version of XYZ techno lust.” What are your thoughts or expectations from Microsoft’s conference and keynote? Comments are always welcomed here on aNewDomain.

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