Star Wars Day 2014: Around the Web and Back Again

May the fourth be with you! Ant Pruitt, as he does for anewdomain every year, parties hard. And he shows off how various folks online are celebrating, too.  — The readers who follow me know Star Wars is near and dear to my heart. I’ve shared some of my fondest memories here on aNewDomain. Today May 4, 2014 marks another Star Wars Day celebration around the web.

My fellow geeks and nerds have hit the servers sharing their thoughts and memories of the storied franchise. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite postings and images celebrating Star Wars as seen around the web.

Of course you can’t start your May 4 — or finish it — without a little pick-me-up. Grab yourself a warm caffeinated beverage topped with the mighty Yoda.



Image credit: Wookiepedia

The smartphone OS battalions are not immune to the Star Wars debates. You can always find Andy the Android donning the proper costume for each holiday as seen from Phandroid’s Derek Ross. Check out R2D2 Andy the Android.


Image credit: Derek Ross

I followed my Twitter and Google+ stream this morning and noticed lots of laughter at this slight #fail of Star Wars Day celebration. Of course, the opposition had many reasons to blame the faux paux on the Windows Phone. Not that it matters, but social media only posts what a user types into the posting fields, right? But no, Star Wars fans will not tolerate being called “Trekkies.”  Hopefully, this was just a pun.


Image credit: WindowsPhone UK

Some people think hardcore sports fans aren’t fond of such sci-fi enterprises as Star Wars. Incorrect. I’m a big sports fan and you know I love this Star Wars stuff.

Check out the NFL’s Carolina Panthers sharing some May the Fourth Be With You love. Featuring LUKE Kuechly.


Image credit: Carolina Pathers

Is it just me or does the song Binary Sunset give you chills, too? I love that song by the amazing John Williams. Check out below what the Google+ Minecraft Gallery put together. Minecraft is an insanely-popular game with even-more-geek cred earned with this post.


                                                                                                       Image credit: Minecraft Gallery

Great stuff shared across the web and social media today. What are some of the things you’ve seen today in celebration? Share them in the comments below. I’m going to leave you all with a “The force will be with you … always,” and a legendary video clip.


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