Photo Editing: How To Brush And Zoom In Snapseed

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Written by Ant Pruitt

Here’s how to brush and zoom in Snapseed, Ant Pruitt’s go-to mobile photography editor.

aNewDomainant-pruitt snapseed — It almost goes without saying that I am a regular user of Snapseed. I’ve been covering it here at aNewDomain and on our sister site, BreakingModern, for over a year now. If you also find yourself relying on this tool for editing mobile photos, check out my quick video highlight, below. In it, I show you how to brush and zoom in Snapseed.

I use Snapseed’s brush tool and its zoom option to make granular edits to a photo. In the example I discuss below, you’ll see I wanted to darken the sky in a photo by decreasing the photo’s exposure. But I didn’t want to decrease the photo’s exposure for other subjects in the shot. I especially didn’t want to ruin the look and the lighting of the city skyscrapers in the pic …

Snapseed is available free for Android on Google Play and Apple iOS. Definitely check it out.

What photo editor are you using? Leave me a comment below with your favorite mobile photography editor. I want to try what you have — and help you figure out how to maximize the use of the mobile photography tools you’ve already got.

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Featured screenshot: Ant Pruitt