Smartphone Photo Landmark Challenge: Shanty Minister’s Chicago

Ant Pruitt and his Smartphone Photographers Community capture local landmarks in this week’s smartphone photo challenge. The highlight photo this week captures Chicago old and new by Shanty Minister. Check out other top submissions in the slideshow here … — This past week on my Smartphone Photographers Community, the challenge was to capture our members’ local landmarks in a unique way. The highlight smartphone photo, from Shanty Minister, featured buildings of Chicago. Shanty truly captured a mixture of old and new. Check it out below.


Photo credit: Shanty Minister

Also, check out the below gallery to see other landmark photos our smartphone photographers shot all around the globe. Kudos to the community for such an amazing collection of shots. Leave me a comment below if you’re interested in joining our community. Community regulars Robert Knight, Michael King and Timothy McCusker participated. A new panoramic- and video-capturing company called Cycloramic participated, too.

Smartphone Photographer Submissions: Landmarks Challenge

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