IceMule Coolin’ For the Summer Heat Wave

icemule coolers
Written by Ant Pruitt

Staying cool is always a challenge during the summer heat wave. Ant Pruitt reviews the IceMule cooler. Beat the heat!

aNewDomain — I don’t know about you, but the heat wave of 2015 has had me absolutely miserable. Air conditioning just isn’t cutting it in 90 degree weather. My best bet has been to hang out by the local swimming pool under a shady tree with a microbrew and a mule. An IceMule cooler, that is.

icemule coolers

The folks at IceMule wanted to make a difference in how consumers transport all of their beloved brews — er, hydrating liquids — during hiking trips, camping or just lounging on the beach.

The idea came about due to the lack of portability provided standard coolers. Even a 10-quart cooler is a bit of a hassle to carry. They might be small, but they’re still bulky and awkward. The solid plastic material and box shape just aren’t great for a solid hike with a stock of twelve “water bottles.”

Of course larger coolers come equipped with wheels to allow easy dragging along the trails. This is a nice idea, but again not ideal for every scenario.

The IceMule coolers work well as a better way to carry your hydration supply, as well as smaller perishable snacks.

The Design

The IceMule classic cooler comes in varying sizes — 10 liters, 15 liters and 20 liters. IceMule’s soft bag design differs from other bag coolers on the market because it doesn’t use zippers or stitching. The IceMule bags are essentially dry packs with seams welded together. This means you won’t get leakage (and loss of temperature) during your travels.

I know you’re wondering how the cooler actually seals, thereby keeping the ice from melting and leaking, while also keeping your supplies stowed. It’s simple, actually. Just roll the top of the bag down and snap the plastic clasps together.

Trial Run

I am impressed with the cooler. I spent at least six hours out by the pool on a hot summer day with the IceMule and my beers stayed cold. The ice didn’t even melt! The company boasts that your ice cubes will stay intact for 24 hours. My test proved this to be true. After roughly 30 hours the ice did finally melt, but the bag did not leak one time.

The ability to use the cooler as a sling was rather convenient, too. I just threw the bag across my shoulder and had both hands free for carrying other things, which is a huge advantage as you’re probably taking your cooler somewhere.

Bottom Line

Pricing for the IceMule cooler starts at $49.99 via its website. Overall the IceMule is a nice cooling bag for your active lifestyle. I don’t think it’s going to meet everyone’s needs, but I do believe it can act as a great addition to your standard cooler. This way you can get more food and bulky items in your main cooler, and put beverages in your IceMule.

“Do we have enough beer?” With the IceMule, you can always say, “you bet your ass.”

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All images: Ant Pruitt