Our Cyber Monday Favorites

Cyber Monday is here! Found any good deals on the Interwebs? Ant Pruitt and the staff at aNewDomain share some of their favorite finds so far today.

aNewDomain.net — This year Black Friday shopping deals were so big they even leaked into the day before. With the weekend behind us, many of us are sitting in front of a computer instead of the checkout line of our local retailer. Thankfully there’s Cyber Monday for those of us who just can’t keep our credit cards in our pockets. The shopping must continue!

Here’s a look at some of our favorite Cyber Monday deals. You want computers? They’re available. You want tablets? Plenty. You want smartphones? Check.


Image credit: Ant Pruitt

Take a look at some of the items the staff at aNewDomain has highlighted.


If you’re a Costco member, you can take advantage of this laptop offering great horsepower. The Toshiba S75 laptop touts an Intel Core i7 and 16GB of DDR3 RAM for $699. This sounds like quite a beast in a laptop. Of course it comes with Windows 8. If you’re not a fan of Windows 8, you could always install Ubuntu on it for free. Can you imagine this hefty machine running Linux? Sorry, I digress.



For those who were unable to grab the iPad Air at launch, you can order one from Staples for $50 off. This is for the Wi-Fi Space Grey model only. Get a beautiful retina display for $50 less than the early adopters. You = winner.

I had to take a look at Amazon deals. I don’t know about you, but I’m always logged into Amazon and browsing. So today I’ve been on the site and fighting the urge to spend a gazillion dollars on the myriad of deals. Just the thought of getting the HTC One for a whopping one cent is tempting. Of course you’re subject to the terms of a two-year contract. Curses, Amazon. You know I’m currently carrying an old Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


What deals have you seen across the Interwebs? I’m sure Woot is bound to have something big. If you find a hot deal, leave us a comment below with all the details.

I’m Ant Pruitt and this is aNewDomain!

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