SketchBook Mobile for Android: Ant Pruitt Reviews

Want to get your creative juices flowing while using your Android tablet? Check out SketchBook Mobile for Android. This is a great sketch book app for your Android device. –– As an owner of a Google Nexus 7 tablet, I’ve been curious about further capabilities of my device. Sure, it’s great for reading my social media streams, watching video content or even sending emails. I’ve even done Google+ Hangouts from it. Having the extra screen real estate has been great, but I wanted to tap into my artistic side with my tablet.

How about a sketch book?

I browsed the Google Play Store for sketch book apps and was greeted with several options. First up was SketchBook Mobile for Android. The app has earned a 4.5 star rating with over 9,000 votes. SketchBook is $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

“Whoa, Ant. Did you say $1.99 for an app?”

Why yes, I did.

I read the app description and saw that it was from the folks at Autodesk. I asked my artist friends about it and they all raved. Each of them uses Autodesk software, in particular the SketchBook desktop application. This was enough to warrant the purchase so far I was concerned.

Image credits Ant Pruitt for aNewDomain

SketchBook Mobile  is a great app loaded with plenty of tools to create your masterpiece. There are several pencil and brush options including circumference and opacity. Speaking of opacity, the color pallet allows for easily adjusting the colors you use in your work giving you the perfect shades. Sketchbook works fine with your fingertips, but I got an even better user experience with my stylus.



The description in the Play Store mentions that SketchBook Mobile is designed for Android apps seven inches or less in size. I’m curious to see if SketchBook Mobile is compatible with larger tablets such as the Nexus 10.  I have truly enjoyed using this app. Granted, my attempt at recreating a similar Clemson University tiger paw may look like an artistic fail, but the tool used was fun.



Are you also an art geek and love to draw? What apps are you using on your tablet or phablet to create sketch work? Maybe I could try them out based on your recommendation.

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