CES 2015: Rock Out With Jamstik

Our Ant Pruitt checks out the Jamstik at CES 2015.

aNewDomain — I truly enjoy music and the art of creating it. As a fan of smooth jazz and rock, I’ve been curious about learning to play the guitar. My options? Pay for expensive lessons. Miss the expensive lessons because I don’t have the time. Put down the guitar. I could always learn myself, but that takes more time than lessons. In other words, I need a new option for learning the guitar. Enter Jamstik, presented at CES 2015.

I took a moment to visit a booth with a guy holding a fret board. Yes, just a fret board. I was curious to see why there was no guitar and, as I got closer, I noticed some serious guitar riffing emanating clearly through an iPad. The device that made that happen? The Jamstik, shown below, works with iOS and Mac OSX.

jamstik CES 2015

What is it?

The Jamstik is a cool new electric guitar that connects easily via Bluetooth to your iPad or hardwired to your Mac. When shown the device, I noticed the strings on the Jamstik. This isn’t Guitar Hero for your Xbox, this is a real deal guitar fret board with real guitar strings. The device has sensors for detecting the sensitivity of the string vibration, which allows guitarists to accent or bend notes as they would on a regular guitar. Be sure to build up you callouses, because you’ll need ’em. Once connected to your iPad, you’re offered several levels of self-directed guitar lessons. Or, if you’re just ready to jam and plug into a MIDI interface, you’re set.

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Live from CES, this is  for aNewDomain.

Image Credit: Ant Pruitt