MyScript Calculator for Android, Apple iOS: Freeware Friday

Looking for a calculator to do more than multiply and subtract? Try out MyScript Calculator for Android and Apple iOS. Ant Pruitt takes a look at this great free app for aNewDomain. It’s user interface is as simple as piece of paper. And it’s Ant’s choice this week for Freeware Friday. Calculation never looked so — retro. My app pick for our’s Freeware Friday this week is MyScript Calculator for Android and Apple iOS. Scroll below the fold to see a video demo of this really unique calculator app.

Whether you need to a quick math computation or you just want to help your kids with their trig homework without looking clueless, MyScript Calculator is just the ticket. A free app for Android and Apple iOS, this app’s user interface is as clean as a blank sheet of paper.

Check out a video I shot — a demo of this really amazing interface. Unique.

That’s because of the unique way it works. It does your calculations as you write them out. You write out your problems with a stylus or your fingertips — right on the touch screen of your Android or Apple iOS device. MyScript Calculator truly delivers a great intuitive user experience. And it does a pretty good job of understanding your handwriting, too.

You even enter the symbol for pi and the app will translate that into the shortened 3.14 …

Thank you to reader Jim Cox for sharing this with me on Google+.

I’m Ant Pruitt and this is aNewDomain.


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