Magisto for iOS, Android: Mash Up Videos for Sharing

Our featured app today is Magisto for iOS and Android. It lets you mash up your photos, audio and videos into a single, shareable video you can share on the mobile net and elsewhere.

aNewDomain — If you’re one of the millions of people who share your life through YouTube or Vine, I suggest you check out Magisto Video for iOS or Android. Magisto lets you mash up your photos, videos and into a great video that’s optimized for online sharing.

How does Magisto work?


Image credit: Ant Pruitt

First set up a Magisto account with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. You can also use your standard email address to set up an account. If using social media for setup, be advised that you’re allowing the app to access certain information in your account. Be sure to read the warning and terms of use.

I found the Magisto user interface to be intuitive and easy to follow. Just tap Create. That’ll walk you through an easy step-by-step content creation process. Start by selecting at least five photos and videos to be mashed up in your file.

Next, select a theme for your new video. The themes allow for the final product to have a certain look and mood. In my video, I wanted to present Little League football players getting ready for their first game. I thought the “adrenaline” theme would fit me best in this case.


Image credit: Ant Pruitt

After selecting a theme, you’ll be able to select a soundtrack for your video. Magisto offers a variety of genres and tempos to fit your story. I went with “We Victorious” by Brian Lee. I’d never heard of the track or the artist, so I had no idea how it would sound. The title was fitting, though.


Image credit: Ant Pruitt

Once all of the ingredients of your story are added, set the video length. Then finally confirm making the video and you’ll get a notification on your mobile device advising of its completion. If you don’t like the theme, soundtrack or other aspects of your story, you can edit it.

The story creation was simple and my results turned out quite well. I didn’t need editing software such as Windows Movie Maker of Adobe Premiere to get these results. Granted, those packages are more powerful, but the end result is still rather remarkable. Check out my final video.

Be sure to check out Magisto for iOS and Android. This will be a simple and quick way to allow your day’s photo or video highlights in a manner that truly tells a story.

I’m Ant Pruitt and this is aNewDomain.

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