Ant Pruitt: Portrait of an iPhone Photographer, Mike Sweeney

Have you joined Ant Pruitt’s Smartphone Photographers community? Pro photographer and self-described iPhone photographer Mike Sweeney did — and he’s working magic. Check this out — and find out how you can get your smartphone pics published here at, too. — Ever since we started our smartphone snapshot contest last year, I’m in awe of the amazing shots you folks send me. I get truly amazing photos taken from smartphones — photos that easily match any from a DSLR camera.

If you follow me on Google+, you will know that, in addition to running the Where Are You Now smartphone picture contest here at, I started a Smartphone Photographers Community. And that’s how I met Mike Sweeney.

Mike Sweeney is a visual artist in our community. He is a photographer by stock and trade, with pro gear and all, but he calls himself a visual storyteller and an iPhone photographer. Here’s one of the first shots he shared with us. He called it: Double Shot.

Image credit: Mike Sweeney

Double Shot not only came via an iPhone 4s lens. He edited it with his smartphone, too. Coffee beans have never looked so luscious.

Mike also shot this shot, below, on his Apple iPhone 4S.
final suction clip photo signed


If you look closely at this image, you will notice blur. In photography — that includes smartphone photography — blur results from just the slightest movement when the camera’s shutter opens and closes.  Was Sweeney walking next to this vehicle to capture this shot? Not only does the blur show near the door of the vehicle, but also at the background of the photo. Go ahead, look again.

Sweeney actually captured this shot from inside the vehicle. Here’s how he did it.

iphone window suction clip photo


Sweeney says he rigged his Apple iPhone to the window of the vehicle, as you see above, and attached an Olloclip lens  and some tape for additional filtering.  And notice the white cord shown in this image.  That’s the iPhone ear buds connected to the device. He used the volume control on the ear buds to remotely vate the camera’s shutter! How cool is that? So as Sweeney moved the car, he snapped a few shots by clicking the volume buttons on the ear buds.

It’s truly amazing what is possible with smartphone cameras.  If you have the creativity, patience and will to create the shot, beautiful photography is within your grasp. Some of our community members recently blew my mind with photos they shared on our weekly Hangout On Air via Google+ that features and smartphone photographers I’ve gathered beginning with our wildly successful smartphone photo contest and column, Where are you now, and my Google + stream.

And yes, Mike Sweeney was there. Watch below to check out the clever tools he employs. I was amazed.

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Here’s a shot I took on my old Motorola DroidX with nothing but a little HDR software.

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