TrewGrip: a Bluetooth Keyboard That Rules [review]

Written by Ant Pruitt

Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices are easy to find. TrewGrip stands out with its ergonomic design. Ant Pruitt shares his thoughts from his recent TrewGrip booth visit at CES 2015.

aNewDomain — We’ve seen our share of Bluetooth keyboards for phablets, tablets and even our mobile phones in recent years. I shared my experience on a Bluetooth keyboard I’ve used for my Nexus 7. There’s a slew of Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, but please. There has to be a compelling reason for consumers to buy yet another one. In comes TrewGrip with an interesting twist. Here’s our bottom line on it …



Image credit: Ant Pruitt

As you can see from the shot, this is not your average Bluetooth keyboard. It touts keys that are ergonomically split and full-sized. The grip on the keyboard is that of a go-cart steering wheel — that’s the best way I can describe it. This unusual form lets you place your mobile phone or tablet securely in the center of the keyboard via suction mounting. The mount can easily hold your devices — anything as small as an iPhone 4 or as large as a Nexus 7 will work.

Why Is This Useful?

Every time I go to CES I find myself scoffing at some of the products on display. Some things just don’t seem practical. I expect to see a degree of off-the-wall conceptual products, but it’s fairly common to see accessories for mobile phones that are quirky (to say the least.) I’ll admit, when I first saw the TrewGrip keyboard, I thought this was another quirky device not ready for the mainstream. But after I put my hands on the newfangled tech, I began to see why it was one of Engadget’s best of CES 2014 finalists.

The device just felt right. But for whom? It’s right for consumers constantly in note-taking mode. Think of the real estate agent taking notes on a potential hot property. Think of the engineer’s assistant taking down readings of PSI for a very important nitrogen dryer. Or maybe the land surveyor assistant taking down notes for a plot of land.

The TrewGrip has your standard QWERTY keyboard ergonomically accessible, but it has included other hotkeys and shortcuts typically found on your mobile devices right on the top. Buttons such as  “back,” “home” and “menu” are all right there, easily accessible with your thumbs, like you’re using a gaming controller. My large hands were able to grip this mobile dock comfortably. I struggled typing on it initially, but I could easily see myself getting through the brief learning curve.

You can preorder the TrewGrip for $199 with shipping in the spring of 2015. Think you’ll give it a try?


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  • You do make a really good point that it would be a great product for those who constantly have to take notes, but I can’t see the average consumer wanting this – or any other like this. Now I do have a bluetooth keyboard w/ case for my tablet, but to me the Smartphone was intended to be the “do-all” in one small package so we wouldn’t have to lug a bunch of stuff around with us. If we need an external keyboard we can just haul our heavy laptops around and then stay with a basic cell phone. This is only my opinion – at this time. I could, though, very well change my mind eventually like I did when I chose to use my Smartphone as my only camera and then bought clunky/heavy extras for that (like the tripod). For now though, I think I’ll stay with only using a stylus to tap at the on-screen keyboard. :)