Smartphone Photo of the Week: Greg German’s Fire and Ice

Our featured smartphone photo this week was shot on an Apple iPhone 5s by Greg German. It’s gorgeous. Here’s how Greg did it. — Our smartphone photo fanatic Ant Pruitt, and the folks who participate in his Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+, sure shoot amazing photos with their smartphones. This stunning photo was shot this week by Greg German on an Apple iPhone 5S.

He calls it Fire and Ice.

ggermanImage credit: Greg German

German says he called this shot Fire and Ice for good reason. It captures the sun setting in Edmond, Oklahoma — casting an amazing array of color onto an ice-covered tree. Timing is so key in photography. And as you see, German’s timing was perfect here.

So was the tech he used. To take the photo, Greg says he used an Apple iPhone 5s and VSCO Cam. Great shot, Greg. Congratulations. Be sure to check out more smartphone photography in our Google+ Community and here at For, I’m Ant Pruitt.

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