Automatic Exposure, Camera Zoom: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

Don’t use your smartphone camera zoom, Just move closer. Ant Pruitt and the gang dig into how to get great zoom shots.with smartphones. It’s Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt. — The typical smartphone camera zoom does a poor job of retaining photo quality. Fortunately, there’s a better option for camera zoom. Your feet.

This week on Point and Shoot, our Ant Pruitt hosts the weekly hangout on air via Google+ and chats with his Smartphone Photographers Community.

Don’t use your camera zoom. Instead, just walk closer to the subject if possible. Camera Plus Pro is the app feature of the week for iOS. Joining Ant this week are community members Michael King, Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Robert Knight and Mike Sweeney. Sweeney also shared more tips found in his book How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs.

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Image credit: Mariusz Zawadzki

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