Google Glass Apps, Samsung Hacks: Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee

The New York Times, Gmail and Evernote show Google Glass apps at SXSW 2013. It’s Attack of the Androids this week with our Mat Lee, Eric Finkenbiner and Ant Pruitt. –  South By Southwest 2013 — SXSW 2013 — is history. This week on the Attack of the Androids podcast with host Mat Lee and our Eric Finkenbiner and Ant Pruitt, we check out the Samsung S4 event and the Google Glass apps that really got our attention at the show.

Google announced some third party integration for its Project Glass while at SXSW2013.  The New York Times, Evernote and Gmail all showed Google Glass apps, too. With Google I/O 2013 coming up May 15 to May 17, it’s intriguing to see more changes in Google Glass. Expect more. And Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Here’s more information, courtesy Android Community, about a  Lookout app update that protects against the Samsung lockscreen hack.

Attack of the Androids

For, I’m Ant Pruitt.