Black Friday, Online Security, Scroogle: Yet Another Tech Show

The holiday shopping season has begun. Are you ready? Are you practicing safe shopping? The Yet Another Tech Show panel discusses online security and the latest in tech. — Holiday shopping has officially begun with Black Friday. The guys on Yet Another Tech Show take a look at some of the best practices for protecting yourself during the raucous shopping season. Not only online with your private information, but also as you scour through the halls of shopping malls.

What to Buy?

Computers, Ultrabooks and tablets are popular gifts at the top of everyone’s tech list this year. Microsoft is pushing its Surface Pro 2 and taunting Google’s Chromebook. Apple quietly purchases PrimeSense. What does that mean?

Sit back and take a listen to our Mat Lee and Ant Pruitt with guest Nick Carroll from Attack of the Androids. It’s YATS, Yet Another Tech Show syndicated here on aNewDomain.



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