CES 2016: The Same Ol’ TV and Internet of Things?

Written by Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt reviews his wish list for CES 2016.

aNewDomain — I’m heading to Las Vegas, ready to dive into the mayhem known as CES 2016. Each year, International CES kicks off in early January allowing vendors and manufacturers alike to show the world what’s in store for the upcoming year. Yes, just after you’ve drained your bank account in November and December to get these vendors in the black, now you’re able to see forthcoming products.


 What’s Next?

In recent years, television iteration and the Internet of Things (IOT) has been all the craze. From 1080p plasma displays, to 1080p LED 120Hz displays, to the 4K/UHD television displays of today. What’s next? Shall we expect to see 8K displays unveiled? If so, what’s the cost? I can remember seeing my first HDTV in BestBuy years ago selling at over $10k. Ha! Ten grand for a television was absolutely nuts.

Smart TV’s could use a reboot. Some consumers would enjoy having an integrated smart device as their living room centerpiece, rather than a set top box such as an Apple TV or Android TV. Sure the set top boxes are nice, but an “all-in-one” option may be beneficial for consumers looking to “simplify” television. No switching from HDMI1 to HDMI2. No shuffling remote controls. No second guessing on what content is found where. A smart TV could potentially simplify this. As long as the software and interface is just right.

Samsung traditionally has a strong presence at CES. The consumer electronics giant tends to go big and bold when it comes to its merchandise. We all know about the Galaxy line of smartphones, but let us not forget the foray of tablets, televisions and appliances the company provides. Did you hear about the refrigerator that looks like a 6-foot tall smartphone?

Samsung has taken a lot of flak for “copying Apple,” when it comes to the smartphone and interface, but its appliance line looks to be just another way to set itself apart from other electronic manufacturers. Being big and bold has definitely paid off for Samsung.

What Am I Looking for At CES?

I’m curious to see what’s going on in the world of … USEFUL technology. Ever since I began writing, I’ve wanted to share things that regular people could find useful. Let’s face it, just because it’s a technological feat, this doesn’t mean it’s useful for everyone. Sometimes new tech is just too clunky for the average consumer. Please understand that I say “regular” consumer meaning those that care less about the latest operating system from Apple or the cycles-per-second the latest processor from Intel can handle. Useful tech would be something along the lines of a laptop with a multi-day battery life or a simplified solution to the home theater and multimedia experience.


Next, I’d like to see what’s in store for the smartphone. I’ve seen many holsters, cases and attachments for smartphones. Some have been better than others. Will these be better during 2016? As a smartphone photographer, I’d love to see lens attachments with better quality glass and expanded compatibility to fit any smartphone – not just the iPhone. The better glass can really aid in better smartphone images. Also, how can we improve virtual reality on smartphones?

Lastly, I’d like to see what manufacturers will do to further educate consumers on information security. How can this translate into keeping home networks and data safe? How can this also be implemented into small business and enterprise? Data drives the world just as much as money does, now that we are hopelessly network-connected as a society. Passwords and encryption will continue to be a buzzword, but what will this mean to average consumers? Is there a product that can aid in being more conscious about information security?

CES doesn’t officially start until Wednesday, but some manufacturers and vendors are kicking off special events and expos prior. Nvidia held a presentation on Monday regarding its “super computer” for self-driving cars. Samsung will present on Tuesday. Pepcom’s vendor showcase kicks off Tuesday night with its annual expo and cocktail party. I look forward to the festivities and bringing you commentary, findings, photos and video from the show. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Periscope and my YouTube channel for more updates. Leave a comment below with what you’re curious to know about from this year’s CES. And yes, Patrick Jordan, I’m looking for the smartphone coffee maker as well. <grins>


Featured image and Intel image: Courtesey Ant Pruitt

CES Image: Courtesy Jason Hiner