Android Kit Kat, Google Helpout, Microsoft Mojo: Yet Another Tech Show

Did you get the latest Android update? Kit Kat rolls out to certain devices. Google now offers online HelpOuts for the masses. These stories and more on this week’s Yet Another Tech Show.— The latest iteration of Android is rolling out. Excited? Only one of the Yet Another Tech Show (#YATS) panelists received the update. Our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman and Larry Press sit down to talk about the interesting tech-related news from the week.

Kit Kat, Android version 4.4, rolls out to certain Nexus devices and the reports are mixed. It’s a point release from Google, so there shouldn’t be much to expect. Google also announced HelpOuts which are essentially online Hangouts that offer paid services. If you have a service to offer, maybe you can apply to host a HelpOut.

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