Big Android BBQ: Performance Is Key [Event]

big android bbq
Written by Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt gets ready for Big Android BBQ. What can we expect from the developer conference? Event preview.

aNewDomainant-pruitt — The Big Android BBQ kicks off today in Hurst, Texas. Founded by IDEAA and sponsored by Google Developers, the Big Android BBQ developer convention will be held October 22-23 and bring together “anyone with a passion for the little green bugdroid.”

Your favorite aNewDomain contributor enjoys all things gadget, mobile and developer. As such, I’ll be at the BBQ live, onsite, chatting with speakers, developers and attendees.

What to Expect at Big Android BBQ 2015

Big Android BBQ HallBig Android BBQ isn’t your typical developer conference — it focuses on much more than Android OS. The International Developers Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) aims to bring community-oriented attitude to the world of app development, and they are not exclusive about Android.

I previously spoke with President and CEO of Big Android BBQ, Aaron Kasten, at Google IO Extended to discuss the vision and mission of Big Android BBQ. It’s not just about writing clean code. It’s about spreading knowledge to help others understand more about technology, Android and growing an interested development community.

Speakers this year will include Google developers KiddoEMROppo, Cyanogen, Honda Developer Studio and many more. The key theme of this year’s conference is “app performance,” and the conference schedule features code challenges that will invoke better app performance.

Check out the schedule of events and be sure to follow me on Twitter for more updates regarding the Big Android BBQ. It’s gonna be a fun time with the speakers, attendees and — of course — that classic Texas BBQ!

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