What Is Forced Perspective: Ant Pruitt Video Daily

Forced perspective is an awesome photography technique. What is it? Wonder no more. Check out our Ant Pruitt’s daily video tip to find out how you can use forced perspective to make your smartphone photo shots sing. aNewDomainTV.

aNewDomainTV — I always learn so much from the folks on the Smartphone Photographers Community I host on Google+. In my short video hit today I am focusing on one of our favorite topics: forced perspective. This is a cool technique photographers use to enliven shots with some added, well, perspective. Check out my daily video below to find out what forced perspective is all about and how to use it to make your smartphone photos sing.

Video: Ant Pruitt for aNewDomain

Check out the complete Forced Perspective hangout here. If you’re interested in joining the Smartphone Photographers Community, request an invite here.

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