Not Your Average Selfies: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

Written by Ant Pruitt

Ever taken a selfie? You know,a picture of yourself. With a smartphone. Check out this week’s point and shoot with our Ant Pruitt and his Smartphone Photographers Community. — It’s not uncommon to take a look at your favorite social network and see a pic of someone. These pics are often self-portraits tagged as “selfie.” Yeah, that’s your buddy holding his smartphone up to the bathroom mirror so he can show off his new T-shirt. And there’s a lady you know with freshly-ironed air.

You’ve seen it all.

But here’s the difference in what we are showing you today — these selfie shots are coming from the Smartphone Photographers Community, hosted by our Ant Pruitt and his show Point and Shoot. This week, the community’s challenge is to present their best selfies. You’ll be thoroughly impressed by some of these.

The winning shot is from Kyle Munz as an example of what was shared. Congrats to Kyle. Scroll below the fold to check out other photos on Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt, featuring his Smartphone Photographers Community.

On this week’s episode of Point and Shoot, Michael King, Michael Portis, Mike Sweeney, Michelle Thorns, Deborah Walmer-Basembe and Patrick Holmqvist join Ant Pruitt. Enjoy the show and check out the tips and tricks offered up by the community this week on Point and Shoot.

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