Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? The New England Coast

It’s the holiday season. Cold? Thankfully photographs capture memorable images including this New England beach in August by Kathy Brown. An iPhone 5, no filters or touch-ups. — We’ve just begun the holiday season and most of us are wearing extra layers to stay warm. Not many are going to the beach to play in the sand or ride the waves. Especially not in the New England area. Fortunately, this latest submission to my Where Are You Now feature here on aNewDomain was taken back in August.

Check out this well-framed photograph by Kathy Brown. Brown shows the prowess of the iPhone 5 camera with this photo. As mentioned in the Smartphone Photographers Community, she didn’t use any filters or touch-ups. She only straightened the image.

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Image credit: Kathy Brown

The shot has great balance and color. You can see the different levels of blue in the horizon. And speaking of the horizon, notice how it’s actually a nice horizontal line. I know I struggle with properly lining up landscapes. Fortunately, your phone’s photo editor allows for easy and clean alignment after shooting. Great photo, Kathy!

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