Star Wars VII Views: Star Wars vs Star Trek Tech Compared

The Star Wars VII cast has been announced. Ant Pruitt shares his excitement — and dreams of tech. It’s Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Check out this analysis, infographic. — As you’ve heard by now, the saga of Star Wars is set to continue with the return of original cast members in Star Wars VII. I’m a little surprised this wasn’t announced on May 4 — may the fourth be with you! At any rate, the geek side of me wants to know right now what new tech we’ll see in the flick.

Scroll below the fold for a brilliant comparison of how, historically, the tech in Star Wars compares to that in the world of Star Trek.


Image credit: Ant Pruitt

The big sci-fi movies of my time have consistently shown cool tech. Some of this tech has made it into our everyday lives. All of the wireless communication devices, from the smartphones (also known as a pocket computers), to Bluetooth and even to our beloved tablets, have popped up on the screen, being held by our favorite sci-fi characters.

We’ve previously discussed the tech foreshadowing in Star Wars and Star Trek. The infographic below shows a comparison between the different weaponry and tech used by characters throughout the movies.

What does your wild imagination come up with regarding the concept tech offered up by the likes of Star Wars VII? Leave a comment below with your ideas.



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  • I’ve often wondered how the Jedi kept LightSabers out of the hands of normal people. I mean guns are cool, but it’s a plasma sword. A PLASMA FRIGGIN SWORD! No way you can’t tell me Watto didn’t have a hacked lightsaber somewhere in that junkyard on Tatooine.