Tech 411 with Todd Moore: Apps We Kept, White Noise Baby

Downloaded apps over recent months? Do you still have those apps? Todd Moore and Oscar Santana go over their app picks this week on Tech 411 — and they can’t help but mention our Todd Moore’s latest version of his best-selling White Noise for iOS and Android – White Noise, BABY! Cheap plug, maybe, but it’s great : ) -ed — This week on Tech 411 our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana examine the old apps that users like them still love and use on their old devices.

What’s up with that? What makes some apps special — and evergreen — while others go the way of the wind? Or Windows. Ahem. Todd and Oscar wisdom abounds.

Todd also shares the latest news from his own app — there’s an update for junior. It’s called White Noise Baby for iOS and Android. would like to point out the amazing praise White Noise Baby grabbed from folks like Dr. Oz and Katie Couric. Our team has a star in its midst. We’re just proud.

Check out White Noise and White Noise Baby.

It’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana. Great show as usual — with the best app picks saved for last.