Ant Pruitt: Where Are You Now? Wales (photo contest open to readers)

Smartphone captures a small piece of the beauty of Wales. reader Martin Chainey shares his great photograph snapped with his iPhone 4. It’s the latest edition of our Where Are You Now column here on with Ant Pruitt.

Have you been to Wales? I haven’t. Thanks to this week’s photo submission for our Where Are You Now column, I have a glimpse of the stunning beautiful of Wales. Here on we show you great photographs from smartphone cameras that have the quality comparable to more expensive DSLR cameras.


Image credit: Martin Chainey

In the small town of Bridgend in Wales, Martin Chainey captured the amazing view of an old church. “This church was built as part of the former Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum,” says Chainey. Chainey used his iPhone 4 with the Pro HDR app, but decided to convert the image to black and white. He used Pixlr Express to do the final conversion and touch up to this beauty. This isn’t just a black and white image. The image holds a wide range of black to white tones. Thanks for the great shot, Martin!

If you have some smartphone photography you’re proud of, feel free to share them with me here on You can email me at You can also join my Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ and submit there as Chainey did.

Keep the photos coming, folks. This is your chance to be a published photographer on the web.

I’m Ant Pruitt for aNewDomain.


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