Macro Photography: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

There’s more to macro photography than just taking a close up photo. Ant Pruitt’s Smartphone Photographers community on Google+ focuses on macro photography and provides mega macro photo tips on this week’s episode of Point and Shoot. — Point and Shoot with our Ant Pruitt is a weekly Google Hangout On Air. Ant takes on a new smartphone photography challenge each week and discusses it with his panel. This week, the topic is macro photography.

Macro photography involves more than just closeups.  Macro shots also provide an interesting perspective on subject matter that you typically wouldn’t or shouldn’t expect. A great example of a macro shot is the winning smartphone photo in a recent “Where Are You Now” reader contest that featured Lynn Costello. Check that out.

This week, another challenge winner, Deborah Walmer-Basembe, captured a great macro shot of her own eye. For this shot, she used the  Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone’s built-in camera.


Image credit: Deborah Walmer-Basembe

Check out this week’s episode of Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt and his ever-growing Smartphone Photographers community on Google+

On this episode, the panel includes Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Mike SweeneyMichael King and Kenneth Lee. The point of Point and Shoot is to provide you with tricks, accessories and, of course, tips to help make you a better smartphone photographer.

Are we succeeding? Send along your macrophotography efforts to me. I’ll submit them to our reader contest. Win and become a published photographer at via Where Are You Now?

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