Ant Pruitt: Google+ Vs. Other Social Media (commentary)

Has Google+ grown on you? Ant Pruitt loves it. Here’s how he thinks separates Google+ from other social media services.

If you’ve been reading my pieces here at, you know I practically live on Google+. I love this social media option from Google. Sure I use Twitter and enjoy it, but the connection and engagement on Google+ is so much better. Here’s why I think Google+ rules.

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Google+ has had a solid year under its belt to rack up its users and work on being not only a social media hub, but a one-stop shop for search and content. Google+ is now ranked number two among social media platforms, passing Twitter for most active users.

The image above is from Mario Ruiz who “circled” me in Google+. As grateful as I am when our readers and other Google+ users circle me, I’m particularly excited about why people have me in their circles. Ruiz makes a great point in the post.  Simply put, “they are active.”

Google+ is all about being active and engaging. With Twitter, there are only two ways to engage within the 140 character limit — by using the reply or “retweet” feature extensively.  From my experience, I find it less engaging.  Could it be the followers or circles I have that contribute to my experience on Google+?

I really like everyone who follows and interacts with me on either social network, but I’ve noticed Google+ will totally sink my time.  My closest “friends” are found primarily on my Twitter feed, but our conversations there aren’t as frequent or in depth as on Google+.  What’s the point of social media?  Is it not to engage others and be. . .social?

One of my favorite discussions on cutting the (cable) cord was on Google+.  This wasn’t general chatter about sports or something equally broad — it was a simple question.  I received comments and feedback from followers near and far.  Even better, what was said in the comments wasn’t trolling or tasteless.  Each of the comments was thoughtful and engaging.

I’ve been an active Twitter user for almost three years, and it amazed me that my @replies from followers were averaging about 70 interactions.  I tweet about 20 times per day.  The follower who interacted with me the most is a fellow Google+ user.  It makes sense to me that he’s the most responsive to my Twitter posts, because he’s engaged on Google+ regularly.

For Google+ to be labeled as a “graveyard,” is amusing to me and far from my reality.  The conversation is always interesting or funny.  In my efforts to get other users to use Google+, the common response of those who decline is “I don’t know anyone there.”  In my opinion, the point of Google+ is to broaden your network and discover other people with similar interests.  No, Google+ isn’t a online dating service, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a love connection were born there.

Has Google+ grown on you?  Are you able to get others to migrate to this engaging social network that’s not totally about cat pictures?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts.  We at want to know.  We enjoy our interactions with our readers on Google+.


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  • Fantastic argument! As a G+er myself, I will say that I’m here to stay. FB just didn’t cut it for me as it was filled with people from my past. I can’t live under those predilections. I’m happy to say that I interact quite a lot on G+ and have made some real friends there. We’ve even met in REAL life!

    Google+ is all about the +. Me + you, + others, + stuff!

    • Hey Thanks, Patrick Lyddy. I appreciate you reading my piece and your comment. Google+ is so cool to me. And sadly, it even seems to be more “intelligent” as a social media platform than some of the other platforms.

      -RAP, II